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Who Is the Most Problematic Person You Believe Is Innocent?

This is definitely my favorite episode of Macrodosing we've done so far. Arian was fired up from the time we started this show about doing an episode defending Michael Jackson — he's definitely done his research — so we decided to all bring somebody to the table we believe may have been wrongfully accused.

I had never really done any research into the Jackson stuff, but Arian raised some interesting points. I still really have no idea what happened there because he was certainly a weird guy, but Arian is convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that the King of Pop was wrongfully accused. His words, not mine.

Billy brought his alternative theory for what could have happened in the O.J. Simpson case, which involves O.J.'s son and a pretty elaborate cover-up. He read one Business Insider article and is now convinced that's what happened.

I was very excited for this episode, because I believe the Scott Peterson trial is one of the grossest miscarriages of justice in the recent history of this country. I think he's innocent, but regardless of whether he's guilty or not, he sure as hell wasn't proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. And I found out in the course of recording this episode that Peterson is in prison because of people like PFT and Arian, who are apparently willing to convict someone of murder with no physical evidence or murder weapon.

These three stories make for probably the best episode we've recorded so far, so please be sure to check it out and like, download and subscribe.