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I Would Like To Welcome Chris Christie To The New York Mets With Open Arms

NY Post- Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, was named to the Mets’ board of directors Friday, the club announced. In addition, Jeanne Melino was named to the board, which also includes Mets owner Steve Cohen, chairman emeritus Fred Wilpon and Mets vice chairman Andrew Cohen. “I am honored to be named to the Mets Board of Directors,” Christie said in a statement. “Steve and [his wife] Alex Cohen have been great friends to me and Mary Pat for years and we thank them for including me in this new challenge and opportunity.

“As a Mets fan for the last 53 years, I am looking forward to helping Steve, Alex, and the New York Mets organization bring a great experience to Mets fans and the community.”

Some people may say that a politician joining the board of directors of a Major League Baseball team is not blog worthy. However, there is an unwritten rule here at Barstool that certain things must be blogged about and a story that uses Chris Christie ripping a frozen rope in the celebrity softball game as the thumbnail is on that list. Shit, it may be number one. That picture is a reminder of a simpler time when the internet was pure and the mere mention of a politicia  didn't cause everyone to lose their minds. This was before #Bridgegate, which seems absolutely preposterous to think about being the biggest political scandal back in the day.

I was actually a decent Chris Christie fan considering he answered the bell after Hurricane Sandy and seemed to be a big sports fan that actually knew his shit. Then he got stuck with the stigma of being someone that willingly caused traffic for New Yorkers (which pretty much makes you worse than the devil), got Alpha'd into ordering meatloaf by Trump, and got caught acting like a complete Hardo principal from an 80s movie with some nachos in his hand.

Oh yeah and he is a fucking Cowboys fan, which is about as bad as it gets for a Mets x Giants gypsy like myself.

That being said, am cool with him joining my beloved Amazins if it means he can grease the tracks of a few deals, which for some reason we think will include turning Willets Point into the bar and grill capital of Queens that it was always destined to be. If Uncle Stevie plans on turning the Mets into what I think he can, that's going to require a couple of shady backdoor deals and some legislation as well as a fair amount of money to pass. Having a politician with decades of experience on the board is about as wise of a thing as you can do if you need shit to get done.

So welcome aboard Chris! We may not see eye to eye once fall arrives in the NFC Beast. But as long as the Mets are playing meaningful games in September, I think we can make it work. Besides, if Tommy Cheeseballs is a Cowboys fan from Jersey, they can't all be bad.

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