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I've Been Putting My Left Shoe On First For 15+ Years And I Have No Idea Why

Is there anything you do every single day without fail? Something weird? Something superstitious? Something you do so you don't get in a car accident that day? If you do, we'd like to hear about it. I have only one thing and that is putting my left shoe on first every morning. Every day. No matter what. My left shoe goes on before my right shoe. I have NO CLUE why or exactly when I started doing this but I know for a fact I do it every day. I honestly think I have at least a 15-year streak of sliding my left shoe on before my right. I'm not sure of many things in my life but I'm sure the streak is longer than a decade. Has to be. It's unfathomable to me that I would ever put my right shoe on first. Kinda makes me wanna throw up just thinking about it. And I wanna be clear, that is the only "superstitious" thing I have going on in my life. I think.

We got on this topic on today's episode because Riggs was testing out potential Barstool Golf umbrellas in his hotel room recently and he was wondering if he had cursed himself forever. That conversation then sent us off into the topic of whether or not we believe it's bad luck to open umbrellas inside, walk under ladders, break mirrors, etc etc. I said that I sorta do believe that stuff brings you bad luck luck but why? Why do I believe that? Am I a toddler? In fact, no I am not. I just turned 32 recently. And I still believe that opening an umbrella inside is gonna have ANY effect on my life whatsoever? That seems silly (but I do still kinda believe it). 

We talked about all that, the WGC match play event, Rory's pool shot, golf superstitions AND we have a fantastic interview with country singer/songwriter Hardy. He was so awesome and we actually got kinda deep with him. It's an all-around great interview. Enjoy.