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What's The Worst Lie You've Ever Told? Is It Worse Than Pretending Your Entire Family Was Killed?

Who knew there were this many types of liars! It truly makes you think, how can you possibly trust ANYBODY. Look at this breakdown of the "intentional liar:"

Seriously, tell me how you can believe a single word out of anyone's mouth when there are people like this who EXIST. They lie just for fun! Just to see what will happen! Am I one of these people? Depends on the day. Do I LIKE people who do this? Absolutely not. Fucking insane, honestly. 

Hopefully in your life you're able to wade through the endless pools of liars, and kick out a few losers too along the way. What's a loser, you ask? On this week's episode of Because We Got High, Liars, Losers and Love, we take a Loser Quiz and figure out if we're a big bunch of losers or not. You can probably guess the answer. 

After all of the liars and losers, how do we know if we've found love? Do we believe in true love? Or are we all doomed? The one thing we all agreed on was the love we have for our pets - that's something that can't be argued and will not be discussed further.

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Oh, yea, and the title comes from a story that Bri told this week. Girl just has no problem killing off her family for lies. We should all aspire to be like her.