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Everything Is Fine: Carlos Carrasco Could Reportedly Miss At Least 6-8 Weeks With A Hamstring Tear

It's mid-March and the Mets already have their first serious injury of the season with Cookie Carrasco's hammy crumbling. Good times! But I am not going to freak out. You know why? Because as I watch the J-Rod Saga unfold with breakup and makeup rumors, I know things can be much worse right now. Stuck back in baseball purgatory with a shitshow taking place in the owners box as the rest of baseball laughs at us. Something fundamentally changed in this franchise's DNA when Uncle Stevie signed on the dotted line. Shit is still going to happen like hamstrings tearing before the NCAA Tournament could even tear off. 

For people that need more spinzones to make themselves feel better:

- At least it's not an arm injury or an issue with the elbow that was barking (Sorry for using barking when talking about an elbow. #FuckBrodie)

- At least he's not a player that runs in the field and the bases

- His arm will have less wear on it for the playoff push

Feel better like you just ate a Snickers? Good, me too. This team is getting to 96 wins if I have to drag them to that imaginary and lofty finish line myself. And even if they don't, I am going to believe it will happen until it's mathematically impossible because I am NOT going back to Pessimistic Metsfanland. Not with Bobby Axe as our owner and seeing just how bad things really could have went every day on Page Six.

Get well Cookie and get ready Joey Fuego. God I love the nicknames on this team. 96ers stand up!

Also on today's pod, we discuss:

- Citi Field is back! With 20% capacity, but still back! We break down what that means for Barstool At The Ballpark as well as fans just trying to get the fuck out of their house and into a ballgame for the first time in two years.

- Pete Alonso is dropping Fuck Bombs™ in Spring Training again, Jacob deGrom has pretty much turned deGromming someone into the pitching version of Mossing someone, and Luis Guillorme is quickly becoming the fan favorite by flashing a lotta leather, a little lumber, and an unbelievable amount of fight at the dish.

- The bullpen already looks like it's gonna be a fucking PROBLEM, which actually gives me a weird sense of normalcy.