Nobody Deserves What The Chicago Bears Are Doing To Us. Nobody.

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This guy sucks. - Everybody

Good morning sports fans and welcome to another week of Red Line Radio - the Barstool Chicago sports podcast where the 4 of us do our best not to murder each other in the wake of Andy Dalton getting signed to the Bears. Literally couldn't ask for a worse way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day than bringing in that loser for ten million fucking dollars. Honestly nobody thinks it's a good idea and we can assume that extends up to Nagy & Pace. Just a clear desperation move from two clowns who should be sent to the proverbial career glue factory when this season is up. Maybe I'm being harsh. 

Eddie had a take that I think a lot of people will agree with: it's basically funny at this point how much they stink. It's a slam dunk, case closed, awful way to go into next season. And that's before we even debate the merits of Jacoby Brissett as a viable starting quarterback. Across the board the Bears have had a clusterfuck offseason and there's no amount of Trent Williams speculation that will change my mind. How do these guys have jobs? 

We don't answer that question on this week's episode but hopefully we'll make you feel better about how much Andy Dalton sucks. Lucky for us there's the biggest sports distraction of the year looming HIT THE MUSIC

When the piano hits and the emotions are high and the horns start coming over the top. That's some good One Shining Moment to me. Luther Vandross is so good but not nearly as talented as the #1 seeded Fighting Illini. Just a powerhouse basketball team top to bottom that looks every bit of a national champion. 

Lucky for us we had Tyler Underwood on this week (43:17) to talk about the squad and his experiences playing for his dad throughout his career. It's also a good look at the roster - who's the best guy to go to Vegas with? Who would you want backing you up in a dark alley, etc. The hard hitting journalism that keeps this world moving. Stay tuned for later in the summer as he teaches me how to take a charge. 

After Tyler we double dipped college basketball with Cameron Krutwig (1:09:17), the 2nd best mustache on the podcast this week. 

He's legit one of the best players in MVC history and he's trapped inside an Indy hotel room like it's ground zero Wuhan 2020 so he can make one last run with the Loyola boys. Obviously they're on my Illini side of the bracket but you'll have to listen to hear just how much shit talking there is. Not much at all SPOILER because Cam's a balanced guy with a good sense of humor. But he's also focused as all hell on Georgia Tech even if someone's (mine) preliminary scouting report says they suck. 

Honestly I don't think you can get another big story crammed into this week's episode. Sports talk and bullshitting about March Madness with the boys and even some trash talking Danny's new haircut. This is Red Line Radio and I need you guys to download, subscribe and all that bullshit because it's a really good fucking show. 

Go Illini.