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How Much Virtual Sex Did You Have This Year?

It's been a long year for everyone. So long, that a staggering number of people have either developed new kinks, or they've perfected their existing sexual fantasies. This week on the K Episode of Because We Got High, we discuss everything you'd ever want to know about Kinks, Karma and Kids. Do you believe in Karma? Or do you think shitty things just happen to everyone? What about kids, do you want them? Do you know how much it fucking costs to send a kid to daycare? We dive into all this and more before we get into our listener voicemails, and of course, the Table Read. This week starts off a monologue war between myself, Ria and Bri, starting with Ria playing the Joker. (She's so good, it's actually creepy.)

Set a reminder for 7pm tonight when the episode will be LIVE on YouTube as well! Subscribe while you're there, will ya??