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#NotNCAAProperty: Players Inside The March Madness Controlled Environment Start A Movement Before Tournament Begins

On today's episode of the Barstool Bench Mob, we have a full bracket breakdown of the 2021 NCAA Tournament Field. Marty, Rico, and I spent some time diving into each of the four regions, including some upset picks, futures from the two of them, and our Final Fours. In addition to that, we hit on some significant movement on the coaching carousel, and another storyline that has come out of the NCAA Tournament's "controlled environment" over the course of the last few days...

If you follow some players who are competing in the tournament on Twitter, you may have noticed a hashtag that has gained some steam this week: #NotNCAAProperty. The backstory of it being that the players in Indianapolis right now have already documented that they are not happy with many things, one including the food they've been getting:

And now, with 68 teams staying just a short walk away from the NCAA headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, players like Iowa's Jordan Bohannon, Rutgers' Geo Baker, and Isaiah Livers of Michigan helped start the #NotNCAAProperty trend to help raise awareness about not getting compensated for their sacrifices made throughout the college basketball season.

As for the food and hospitality topic, I do see both sides of the debate. Would teams like Louisville and Boise State (among the first four teams out of the tournament) drop everything and head to Indy, even if it meant 21 hours a day stuck in a hotel room? Absolutely. it's the unique chance to play in the greatest sporting event ever. However, the NCAA has had months to figure out the logistics of all this out. You would expect that they'd have some idea at what would make the players happy.

Luckily for everyone, tomorrow (well, technically tonight), the ball finally gets tipped and we can shift our focus to what is happening on the court. 68 teams. One dream. March Madness. I can't wait. You can't wait. The time has come.

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