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I Like Joe Embiid And the Sixers A Lot. Philly Fans? Not So Much

You may think I dislike the Sixers, but I really don’t. I like Doc Rivers, I like the concept of “trusting the process”, I like Tobias Harris, but most importantly I am an EMBIID fan. 

The reason I love Embiid isn’t just because he’s one of the most versatile big men we’ve seen play in a long time and the sole reason that the Sixers are contenders. It’s mostly because he is an absolute joy to be around and one of the funniest players in the league online. 

The first time I met Jo Jo was at Rucker Park in the summer of 2018 when it was clear that Lebron James would not be coming back to Cleveland. Joel was doing some event and we had a one-on-one with him at center court. It was 100 plus out, and STICKY humid. We’re talking 105 degrees. Joel was wearing a white tee shirt and he was VERY sweaty. We’re talking SUPER sweaty. So sweaty his chest and nipples were showing through his shirt. 

I was concerned about him and his comfort, so I asked him if he would prefer that we pan up and show him only from the neck up and he laughed and replied, “No. Why would we do that?” 

I stared at him, or more precisely, his chesticles. “Because your nipples are showing through your shirt, and your tee is soaking wet?” I said.

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And in the most Embiid way possible, he body rolls to “Nice For what” playing in the background and says “I love my bodyyyyyyy. I’ll take off my shirt and do this interview without it. That’s how much I love my body” 

Fuck yes, Joel. 

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Even if you love eating Cheetos and your team has to sneak in healthy snacks into your hotel room to keep your weight down and you may have summer time man boobs, who the hell cares. Lean in, love yourself. 

Joel Embiid is a symbol for self love playing for the city of Brotherly love with a fan base that has nothing but bitterness and hate. 

So when he went down with an injury, I was worried. So worried I immediately tweeted “ruh roh Embiid” which of course, speaking of this sensitive and bitter fanbase, got them so enraged that they accused me of mocking his injury or rooting for him to be hurt. They were so triggered some of them even went so far as to dox me on Twitter and send death threats to my apartment. 

And guess what? I wasn’t the only one to have tweeted Ruh Roh Embiid … not by a long shot. 

Ruh Roh Embiid goes back like eight years! None of those people got ratioed. 

That’s OK. I can take the hate, because I know I wasn’t trolling Embiid. He’s no Ben Simmons. He’s not a fraud. He’s the real fucking deal. One of the best players in the league, a hilarious dude, and I wish him a speedy recovery and nothing but health and happiness. For the sake of the Philly sports fan’s mental state? You better hope he gets well soon.

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