Is Committing A Crime Of Passion Worth It?

Did any of you know, that if you commit a crime of passion, the average prison sentence is only 2 years? This includes murder. If I bust in on my man tomorrow with some other girl, and I kill him (it's always his fault, not hers, never forget that) - I'm outta the big house before I hit my mid-30s! 

On this week's episode of Because We Got High, we're breaking down the J's. Jobs, Jail & Jealousy. Have you ever had a shitty job? Of course you have. Did you ever LOVE a job and get fired? Probably. Do you have a strange interest in jail, like you really want to see what its like, but you absolutely don't want to BE there? How about this - have you ever been jealous of someone else's personality? Their looks, sure, but think about walking into a room late, seeing everyone crowding around someone else, laughing their asses off. Fuck that person! Why are they so funny and you're not?? Jealousy. 

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