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The New York Mets Are Going To Win More Than 95 Games This Season And I Will Not Apologize For It

So somehow I ended up predicting 95 wins for the Amazins this year on today's We Gotta Believe but I am not going to back down or hide from it like a coward. I may get Old Takes Exposed to hell because the NL East is a crazy deep division, have at least three positions with bad defenders, and the word Mets still resides on the uniform of my favorite team. But the optimism that comes with the first warm not freezing day of the year got my stupid sports fan soul excited for baseball like it always does this time of year and that positivity continued to flow through me until I was brought back down to Earth by the familiar sight of Metsiness on my TV. 

The bullpen giving up a huge bomb followed by a Mets fan looking like a buffoon should've sent me right back to LOLMetsland. To be honest, I may have even started to back down from my take once I saw Jeurys Familia on the field since my brain wipes all memories of him in the offseason so I don't harm myself.

However I believe in Uncle Stevie's money, the #infrastructure that Sandy Alderson is building, and most importantly the Wilpons not being anywhere near Citi Field to allow mediocrity to flourish. So I am going to take my balls and a responsible amount of money, bet the Mets over 90.5 wins at my nearest Barstool Sportsbook, and patiently count down our magic number to 96 wins. As a wise titan once said, all things should be perfectly balanced, and I'm guessing Frank The Tank will have the Mets at 95 losses by the bottom of the 1st inning on Opening Day. Plus if the nerds that make PECOTA say the Mets are going to win 96 games this season, the Mets are going to win 96 games in my mind since those nerds are significantly smarter than me.

If you disagree with the Mets winning 95+ games, you are not only going against me and the big brains at Baseball Prospectus, but you are also agreeing with that mush KFC. Never agree with that mush KFC, who was shocked like the rest of the fellas when I made my prediction.

Also on this week's episode:

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