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Trisha Paytas Tried to Cancel Me for Thinking I Pirated Her OnlyFans

Last week in the office, I paid the $4.99 and subscribed to Trisha Paytas' OnlyFans. Myself, along with 4 other people, viewed her "Naked House Tour" and Feits gagged as she peed in her new pool.

Trisha took this as me (and Barstool as a whole) pirating her OnlyFans content and shaming her. She didn't hesitate to talk about it...


There was never any harmful or malicious intent. I have always been a fan of Trisha's up until this point. I was the one who pushed for her to be a guest on BFFs back in December. This woman has made an entire career off of internet controversy.



But I guess things change. I never would've imagined I'd be the center of a Trisha Paytas video and controversy, but here we are.

You can watch/listen to my full response in this week's episode of PlanBri Uncut - out now on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts…