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You Wanna Hear The Most Awkward 4 Minutes In The History Of Podcasting? Here Ya Go!

Alright so on today's Fore Play we had the one and only Brian Baumgartner AKA Kevin from The Office. He's truly one of our favorite guys to have on the show because he truly loves golf and loves talking about golf but we got off to a strange start on today's episode. Riggs got his scheduled messed up so for the first 4 minutes it was just Brian Baumgartner, myself and Frankie Borrelli. Thats a dangerous combo because, as listeners should've picked up by now, Riggs steers the ship as me and Frankie run around the ship like chickens with our heads cut off. Long story short, it's never a good idea to let headless chickens try and conduct an interview. Luckily, Brian is one of the nicest and funniest guys in the world and we ended up having a good time with it. 

So on today's episode there's that interview with Brian. Before that, we talk about our upcoming trip to Pebble Beach, discuss how many balls we think we'll lose on the trip then we recap the WGC event down in Florida (that look like it took place on the hardest golf course in the world) and we talk endlessly about how impressive Collin Morikawa is. Fun episode.


Also, tonight we have a video coming out with Collin Morikawa. Be sure to tune into that. Subscribe and set a reminder here.