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The Mets Got Swagger From Their Nose To Their Toes And Barstool At The Ballpark Is BACK

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It's only a week into spring training and Francisco Lindor is putting on a swagger SHOWCASE. This guy is the definition of "as cool as the other side of the pillow." Blue hair, multiple chains and bracelets, a pinky ring AND THE JACKET FROM 'Coming to America.'

This man was made for New York. Don't worry though, this isn't Yo's brand of swag like that girl in your high school with hoop earrings that'll rip your heart out, this is the type of swag that you can only be born with. Frankie's kind of cool is that effortless type that you always want to be around. The best part is he's a smooth on the field as he is off of it. He isn't above the team in any way and fits in perfectly with the cast of characters that we've already got. Working with McNeil on his defense, ripping baseballs and just being a stand up guy. Just another piece of the puzzle for a winning franchise. 

Not only that, but Taijuan Walker is getting teeth necklaces from Turk Wendell. We discuss just how scary and deep this rotation could really be when everyone is clicking and healthy before announcing that our benevolent God Uncle Stevie has allowed another season of Barstool at the Ballpark to take place at Citi Field. Dates and information of this glorious event below, tickets can be purchased at Mets.com/Barstool.

  • Select draft beer options, assorted soft drinks and bottled water.
  • One voucher redeemable for the following options:
  • LaFrieda Burger and Fries Combo or
  • Nathan's Hot Dog and Fries Combo or
  • Chicken Tenders and Fries Combo

Beer service begins one hour prior to the game and will continue until the completion of the top of the 7th or two hours after the start of the game.

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Best deal in the goddamn game.

Oh yeah and we got brand new shirts for the brand new smiling face of the franchise!


 It's going to be a glorious 2021 and with the team being ranked fifth in the preseason power rankings we gotta believe that this squad is good enough to deal with the target on their backs. We gotta believe!