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When Does The Buzz For March Basketball TRULY Start in the College Hoops World?

Welcome to the final episode of the Barstool Bench Mob before March. The next time we hit the airwaves, it will officially be the best month of the year. With that, we had a few different opinions on when March Madness TRULY starts. Of course, if we want to get technical here, Selection Sunday is probably the correct answer. But if you're not tuning into any college hoops prior to March 14th, you're certainly missing out. 

And if we're being real here, Rico Bosco went on an ALL-TIME rant regarding this topic, take a look for yourself:

Rico nails it! For college hoops diehards, the road to the best sporting event in the world begins the moment the ball is tipped in November. While Joey from Accounting may get his first glimpse at some of the best teams in the country on Selection Sunday, people like Rico are grinding away on the favorites of the Missouri Valley Conference against a team on the bottom tier of the Big 12 on Black Friday.

Obviously, the rush of college hoops is there throughout the season every single night for me and a bunch of other fans of the sport. I also think the moment the Super Bowl ends is another acceptable answer. The six week grind from the beginning of February until the middle of March is awesome. Things also move into another gear once Championship Week hits. When we start getting conference tournament action tipping at noon on a Wednesday on a neutral floor, that's when things start to get amazing. The Cardiac Kemba shot? That was a weekday afternoon session at Madison Square Garden. 

Believe it or not, bracket play begins today! The Horizon League Tournament is about to get underway, and the first automatic bid will be awarded next weekend. March is coming, and I can't freaking wait.

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