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Barstool Sports: By the Common Girl, For the Common Girl

Token CEO LOVES talking about women. We really do. Gone are the days that Barstool is just full of dudes & frat boys. Monday we talked about porn & women's sexuality, and today we've got two of Barstools newest hires, Sydnie Wells & Alyssa Amoroso. Sydnie is stepping in as the new head of Barstool Outdoors, and Alyssa is talking & breaking down all things pop culture, being a woman, and embracing taboo topics. If you're interested in how to create content end up at Barstool, this is the episode for you.  

These two couldn't be more opposite. But that's the beauty of Barstool. Barstool Sports is home to the weirdest and most opposite kinds of people - misfits. On this episode, Sydnie talks about all the things she wants to bring to the Barstool Outdoors brand and how much potential it's going to have in her hands. Alyssa opens up about how she want from working in PR, to being an influencer, to content creator, and now she's doing it all. We're VERY excited to have these women on board.

Special reoccurring guest Kelly Keegs makes another appearance on today's episode as well to talk Erika's new favorite movie, "Promising Young Woman" and why every male in the world needs to watch this movie. This episode is packed. You can get all things Token, and listen to the episode or watch on YouTube HERE.

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