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Should Phil Mickelson Be Banned From The Senior Tour If He Wins His First 3 Events?

It's a question that more people should be asking in my opinion. If Phil Mickelson wins his first three Champions tour events (he's already won his first two) should he be banned? I think it's a fair question. This week Lefty is down in Tucson competing in the Cologuard Classic and looking to go 3 for 3. And listen, I understand that he's 50 years old now and is well within his rights to play on the Champions tour but at a certain point it's mean to beat up on old people and take their money. That's all I'm saying.

Although Phil is in a weird spot because he's clearly good enough to dominate the Champions tour but he's not currently playing very well during PGA Tour events so he's in a weird professional golf purgatory. I'm sure I'm being dramatic and I'm sure Phil will be competitive again on the PGA Tour very soon but he's borderline bullying the other Champions tour players by showing up, taking their money and then leaving town.

We talk about that along with updates on Tiger's condition, what Arizona golf is like, we wish the one and only Zach Johnson a happy birthday and then an interview with Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly. I know what you're all wondering and yes, Stricker talks glowingly about the 5th major, the John Deere Classic. Enjoy.