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Why Do So Many People Die In Hotel Rooms Every Year?

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Freak accidents? Drug overdoses? Sexcapades gone wrong? Nope, it's suicide. This week on the H episode of Because We Got High, we get into Horoscopes, Hotels and Homewreckers. But the hotels part…suicides everywhere. Haunted hotels. Sexy hotels. Spring Break Motels. We break down all of it, in addition to our zodiac signs, and whether or not we think astrology is bullshit. We have an actual homewrecker call in to tell us that the juice isn't worth the squeeze. And still, all I can think about are the psychos who check into hotels to kill themselves. 

TWO MILLION PEOPLE over the past 20 years. That's legit shocking. We talk a bit about why it happens, a lot of the time its women who don't want their families finding them, other times it's people who want to ball out on their last night of life. Whatever reason it is, I think it's safe to say that not only the Cecil hotel is haunted. Pretty much every single hotel ever is, too. 

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