Is A Tom Brady Contract Extension In Tampa Bay In The Works?

James Gilbert. Getty Images.

With the 2021 salary cap projected in the low-mid $180sM (down from $198.2M in 2020) based on the lost revenue from COVID with empty stadiums, the Buccaneers will have a lot more money to play with in the 2022 off-season when it's projected to be around $220M. Tom Brady came to the Bucs last March with a 2-year $50M deal. Nobody was sure how long he'd want to play, but Brady himself has said he wants to play til he's 45. The now 43-year old Brady only has one more year left on his Bucs contract, so a move the Bucs could do to free up some additional cap space this summer is to re-sign Brady to a longer deal and throw some money over the proverbial fence to 2022.

Bucs GM Jason Licht was asked about that on The Rich Eisen Show stating "It’s a possibility,” Licht said. “He certainly didn’t look like he slowed down any this year. That’s a possibility and we’ll have to see how that goes. . . . It appears that he really had a good time this year winning the Super Bowl. Likes our organization, likes our coaches, likes our head coach and ownership and we certainly love him. Usually when you have those two things going for each other, it’s a match made in heaven so we’d like to keep this going.” Interesting note:

We'll see if that's a tactic the Bucs employ as they have a lot of top tier free agents including: Shaq Barrett, Chris Godwin, Lavonte David, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, Antonio Brown, Leonard Fournette, Ryan Succop & more. 

As for Brady's fantastic Center and 1st-Team All-Instigator, Ryan Jensen, we had him on this week's Going Deep Podcast. He talked about the season, the parade, his relationship with Tom Brady, and his plans for the off-season, like maybe bear hunting in Alaska. Really fun interview, check it out on our YouTube page:

Also listen to the full pod on here: