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This Video of a Girl Face Planting Into the Ground While Sky Diving on the Bachelor Isn’t Being Talked About Enough

I mean holy shit. People are NOT talking about this enough. This girl got absolutely smoked into the ground and they continued on their merry way of pretending to fall in love on a TV show in just 6 weeks. No concussion protocol was shown. One second it looked like she broke every bone in her body and the next her hair was perfectly blown out and she had not a single mark on her. I mean there is NO WAY that she didn’t get hurt! Her entire body bended in ways I’ve never seen before and her face smashed into the ground in ways you’d only assume would knock out some teeth! Watch this again...

Unbelievable. Not even a slo mo replay was shown on the show so I had to do it myself.  Every season there is a serious emergency with an ambulance  where the injury turns out to be a minor paper cut. Was there an ambulance for this? Nope. The bachelor producers threw this in and said “You saw nothing!”

Listen to our full Bachelor Hometowns recap: