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Let's Talk About That Interview Where Tiger Woods Seemed..........Tired

So on Sunday of the Genesis Invitational the host of the tournament, Tiger Woods, joined the broadcast for a few minutes in what I would call a..........strange interview. Right off the bat, it looked like our guy Tiger hadn't slept in approximately 45 days. He looked EXHAUSTED. Many people on the internet were saying it looked like Tiger had been enjoying some California-based brownies. Others were saying he was fighting off a vicious hangover. Who really knows.

To Jim Nantz's credit, he asked all the questions we wanted answers to during the interview. He asked Tiger how he's feeling after his 5th back surgery, when and where he might play next and whether or not he thinks he'll be able to play in the Masters in a month and a half. To Tiger's credit, he answered none of them. Nobody is better equipped to answers questions without really answering them than Tiger Woods. He said nothing of substance on purpose. With that said, I'd put Tiger's chances of playing at the Masters at around 30%. I'm chalking up Tiger's tired appearance to him being stressed out about his back and not knowing what the future holds. Overall, not great.

We discuss the interview along with Max Homa's win at Riviera, Tony Finau's second place finish (again), how we just want to talk to Y.E. Yang and much more.