WandaVision Has Incorporated 'The Devil's Interval' Into Every Episode's Theme Song

Clem and I have been doing these WandaVision breakdowns in My Mom's Basement for six or seven weeks now, and I'm always left stunned by the end of our recording sessions at the amount of Easter Eggs and attention to detail put into this show. Some I notice, and others it takes our listeners/the rest of the internet to pick up on!

I mean, the shit in this video?! They put a musical cue known as "The Devil's Triad" into each and every stylized sitcom intro to create subtle feelings of unease (and possibly tease another big bad for the series) for viewers?! C'MON! That's insane! 

That shit is BRILLIANT; shoutout to songwriting duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez for thinking of such an awesome binding theme within all the different themes! Give them a god damn raise, Marvel! 

If not for that, for 'Agatha All Along' alone!

Check out our recap below to hear about plenty more easter eggs like this one….

Success starts at top in my eyes, though, so once again I'm just gonna say this; THANK YOU KEVIN FEIGE!