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From Dorm-Room Coffee Company to $200+ Million Powerhouse

Super Coffee? Those guys from Shark Tank? The ones that started making coffee in their dorm room and are now worth over $200 Million? That's the DeCicco Brothers.

Today's episode is all about betting on yourself, like the brothers of Super Coffee did. These guys are unstoppable. 

Jordan DeCicco did what most successful entrepreneurs do - he started with a problem, and made his own solution.

As a college athlete, you're both physically & mentally exhausted. While looking for a way to keep energized, Jordan and his two brothers - Jimmy & Jake, realized that there's nothing out there that gives you the energy you need without the calories or unhealthy ingredients from typical energy + coffee drinks. So he thought - why not create a healthy alternative with less than 100 calories and no sugar?

Fast forward through dropping out of college, going door to door to grocery stores, and working 20 hour days, the 3 brothers got to make their pitch on Shark Tank. Though the trio didn't get the offer they were hoping for on the show, the publicity from their appearance helped double the company’s online sales compared to the previous year. It soon became the best-selling coffee in stores like Wegmans, outselling Starbucks Frappuccino.

They started with no knowledge of, or experience, in the beverage industry NOR had actually held real jobs before. They did not have any business plans or MBAs. These guys are a lot like how Barstool does business. They had an idea they were passionate about, started with nothing, worked their asses off, and didn't care what anyone thought. And made some questionable decisions along the way. 

In today's episode, we talk all about having the courage to bet on yourself, like these brothers did. To listen to the episode & get all things Token CEO, click our link HERE.