Who The Hell Is This Mystery "Aerospace Engineer" WandaVision Keeps Teasing?!

Since Episode 4 of WandaVision, the introduction of a mysterious "aerospace engineer" has been teased by SWORD's Monica Rambeau. 

Every reference to this character has been brief, but certainly building to someone special, and fan speculation has run rampant all over social media for weeks now over who it could be. 

Clem and I discuss our favorite theories on who this could be each and every Monday during our WandaVision recaps in My Mom's Basement....

...but let's break down a few candidates below....

Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic)

Reed Richards, AKA Mr Fantastic, easily seems to be the most popular pick among fans online. 

Now that Marvel has the rights to use both the Fantastic Four AND the X-Men - and they're already bringing in some X-Men - it definitely makes sense timing-wise, and that job description certainly fits Reed's skillset/capabilities.

Could they have actually gotten us the John Krasinski dream-casting, as well?! I feel like that could be a 'Luke Skywalker' esque moment at the end of the season, if so! I guess that may be a stretch tho….

Sue Storm (Mrs Fantastic - The Invisible Woman)

If Reed is a possibility, then so is Susan Storm - his wife! It's Monica Rambeau's friend anyhow, so maybe there's that girl-connection, as the Spanish subtitles allegedly imply, right?! 

I could definitely see Susan over Reed as a lil swerve.

Hank McCoy (Beast)

Maybe we're all asking for too much in thinkin that the X-Men AND Fantastic Four will be making their MCU debuts in WandaVision. That X-Men seal was broken with Quicksilver, though, so maybe that opens the door to Hank McCoy aka BEAST?! 

Imagine the Hex's energy field triggered some kinda mutant genes within him that turned him into the Beast once he got inside Westview?! Shit would be NUTS!

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

Could the answer have been right in front of our faces the whole time?! What about Monica's ACTUAL old pal Carol Danvers?!

Hank Pym

WandaVision has done a phenomenal job of bringing in characters I really didn't expect them to thus far. I mean - Jimmy Woo, Monica Rambeau, and Darcy Lewis teaming up in an X-Files type way….in a show about Wanda and Vision?! NOBODY saw that coming. You know what else I wouldn't see coming? Michael Douglas coming in as Hank Pym to help em out. 

Would that be the most exciting reveal? No, but we gotta expect the unexpected with this show! 

You never know what that legend Kevin Feige is gonna throw at us….