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Is Dave Portnoy Destroying the Sway Boys of TikTok?

"Bryce Hall is soft" is a common phrase amongst many groups of people. This phrase has many facts to back it up such as, Bryce being astronomically sad Alex Cooper called him Sid the sloth, Bryce calling out the rapper Lil Yachty for saying his girlfriend Addison Rae was hot, or even Bryce fighting a waiter over his vape privileges. As you can now see Bryce Hall has been soft, but it doesn't get softer than what Bryce claimed this week. 

Bryce released a video titled "Spill or Fill Your Guts" with special guests Addison Rae, Noah beck, and Blake Gray. Basically they ask each other juicy questions and if they refuse to answer they have to eat gross foods. Noah beck asked Bryce the question, "Do you think a 43 year old man named Dave Portnoy separated sway". Bryce rebutted with "I think he definitely changed the energy of sway.. is it getting dark in here or is just Dave Portnoy's energy?". Bryce claims Dave has an obsession with him and that he's ruining the Sway Boy dynamic. Although Bryce claims to be unbothered by Dave we can still find him constantly talking about him and posting about him, very ironic. He even took the time to fully parody a pizza review. This week on the Bff's podcast we have Dave watch and react to Bryce Hall calling him out, Let's just say Dave is sick of this shit.