Charlie McAvoy Used To Iguana Wrestle His Teammates. I'm Sorry He What?

Glad that we cleared the pronunciation up. By the way, if you're not following spittinchicletsmemes on IG, you're doing it wrong. Dude is a meme god and carved out his own gig with them.

On today's Spittin' Chiclets, we interviewed Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy and recently retired NHLer Colin Wilson. McAvoy told us about something called iguana wrestling which he learned about at the World Championships.

“Every night we would go out after a game and these guys would end up, middle of the bar, iguana wrestling. You gotta picture this: This guy takes his belt off, other guy takes his belt off, you tie them together so you got a bigger belt, you put it around the back of your head, he puts it around the back of his head and you line up chin to chin on all fours and you gotta pull it. It’s basically a tug-o-war. I just remember how funny it was. We’d be live betting it.”  

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After 5 years of Chiclets, I've heard of a lot of weird shit and I'll just add "Igauna Wrestling" to the list. Definitely sounds like some shit that went down at Stratton Oakmont after lunchtime. 

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Charlie also talked about Kevan Miller's return to the game and the atmosphere around the Bruins.

Wilson just retired after 11 years split between Colorado and Nashville. Wilson battled injuries and a severe case of OCD during his NHL days and is very upfront and honest about talking about the issues he encountered. He also talks about the role of psychedelics in maintaing a proper mental health protocol for himself. It's a wide-ranging and interesting chat.

Give it a whirl.