Willie Colon Addresses Storming Out Of The Gambling Cave Last Night

Last night was a night Steelers fans will never forget. Getting punched directly in the face over and over by a division rival at home and ending with your franchise Quarterback in tears in what may have been his last game. With our pod being Steelers-heavy, we needed to do an emergency podcast to gauge the reactions of our guys Willie Colon and Joey Mulinaro. It was disheartening and sad to hear a once great and proud franchise now without direction, but it's the most accurate depiction of what Steelers fans are feeling today. Willie also addresses what was going through his mind when he left the Gambling Cave last night:

We also had an awesome chat with former Titans and Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher on the current coaching vacancies, his take on analytics, and if he would have gone for two if Kevin Dyson had scored that touchdown against the Rams.

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