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NFL Power Cheahkings - Week 17 Edition

They had a scare against Atlanta, but they're still the top dog. They'll also be at home throughout the AFC Playoffs, which is bad news for everybody else. Change: n/a

They dominated on Monday Night Football in Foxboro and they're looking like the most legitimate threat to the Chiefs. Change: n/a

The Packers had some real competition come into Lambeau with the Titans and they showed they're for real. The defense is starting to shed that 'soft' label just in time for the playoffs and they've got the likely MVP under center. Change: n/a

Christmas Day wasn't much of a contest vs. a reeling Vikings team and they've clinched the NFC South. There is still a scenario in which they can land the #1 seed, although it's unlikely. Change: n/a

I'm aware the Ravens are 3rd place in their own division, but they've won four straight and are averaging 32 points per game in those victories. With a date vs. the Bengals in Week 17, they're likely playoff bound and getting hot at the right time. Change: +2

Big time win vs. division rival Rams on Sunday. Their defense has really stepped up with the addition of DE Carlos Dunlap and the return of S Jamal Adams. There is a scenario where they can also get the #1 seed in the NFC which would be trouble for everyone in the conference as they're 7-1 at home this season. Change: +3

The Lions didn't look like they belonged on the field with the Buccaneers on Saturday. This is another team who is getting hot at the right time and I've said all along, this team is built for December and January. A win on Sunday at home vs. Atlanta would clinch the #5 seed and secure a matchup vs. the NFC East division winner. Change: +4

That was a much needed comeback and an impressive win vs. a tough Indy team. But I'm still concerned about this team moving forward. They rushed for 20 yards in total on Sunday and that's not a winning formula in January. Change: +5

They got in front of the Steelers in Pittsburgh 24-7 and have a clear identity. They are a run first team with a great offensive line and a talented rookie back in Jonathan Taylor. They have a defense that gets after it with some playmakers. They'll be a tough out in January assuming they make it. Change: -1

The Packers were previously labeled 'soft' which must have had Derrick Henry licking his chops, but they got punched in the mouth in Lambeau and there are real concerns about their ability to play from behind. Change: -4

Chicago is averaging 35 points per game in their last four and have won three straight. They control their own destiny with a win and in scenario so their playoffs start Sunday at home vs. Green Bay. Change: +4

Brian Flores is playing the hot hand at QB and it's working. Ryan Fitzpatrick working like an NBA 6th man and the defense is good. I don't see this team going very far, but they get in the dance with a win. Change: n/a

Awful timing with the COVID protocol taking out most of their pass catchers vs. the Jets, but Kevin Stefanski called 53 passes. I get the game flow wasn't where they wanted, but you're either the hammer or the nail and on Sunday they were very much the nail. Change: -8 

So Jared Goff is OUT Sunday in a must win game vs. the Cardinals. If they lose, they're very much in danger of missing the playoffs. Wild turn of events for a team reeling after losses to the Jets and Seahawks. Change: -4

Don't look now, but the Andy Dalton-led Dallas Cowboys have won three straight and could actually make the playoffs. What a wild season in Dallas, but if they beat the struggling Giants and Jalen Hurts and the Eagles beat the Taylor Heinicke-led Washington Football Team, the playoffs will be a reality this season in Big D. Change: +9

They control their own destiny for the playoffs. They have to beat the Rams in LA, but Kyler Murray is hobbled. So much of what they do has to do with his mobility, so can they overcome it? Will be down to the wire. Change: -2

The Anthony Lyn led Chargers have won three straight. They're killing their shot at Justin Herbert's college LT in Penei Sewell, but maybe they're slowly learning how to win. It's still likely there will be a new head man in LA next season though. Change: +1

The Raiders really blew that game vs. the Dolphins and they've now lost five of their last six with their only win being a miracle last second deep ball to ground the Jets. Change: +1

This team is confusing. Just when you think they're going to lay an egg, they put up an impressive W. Kyle Shanahan is a heck of a coach and his team is reflecting his toughness. It'll be interesting to see what their team looks like next season with all their cap issues. Change: +9

When they won five of their last six as of a few weeks ago, it was all a mirage. Their quality of wins were not there outside of Green Bay and water is now finding it's level. Change: -3

I've said it all year, this team is frisky. They went into Washington and handed their former Head Coach Ron Rivera an ass whooping. Change: +1

This team is way more exciting now with Jalen Hurts at QB, but can they finish games? They're eliminated from playoff contention and ironically would help one of their division rivals Cowboys or Giants get into the playoffs with a win. Change: -2

The offense with Cam Newton is just inept. Will Jarrett Stidham move from finishing games to starting them next week? Change: -2

The WFT is spiraling. Dwayne Haskins is no longer in the building and finding his replacement could be a lot easier if they los to Philly. They'd likely end up with a pick between #7 - #11 in the upcoming draft with a loss while a win would have them hosting the #5 seed in the NFC in the Playoffs. Change: -8

Speaking of spiraling, the Giants were the hot team a few weeks ago, but now have endured three straight losses. All three were to likely playoff teams in Arizona, Cleveland, & Baltimore. The game on Sunday vs. Dallas will be a tough one, but they've got a legit shot at the playoffs. They need a win and a WFT loss and they're in. Change: n/a

Don't look now, but the Bengals have won two games in a row. Joe Burrow also posted a video of him walking again, so that was the biggest W for Cincy this past weekend. Change: +3

Hopefully Deshaun Watson can just get out of this season healthy. The pick they dealt to the Dolphins as part of the Laremy Tunsil deal is also the #3 overall pick at the moment. Yikes. Change: -4

Jerry Jeudy is sure a great route runner, but FIVE drops in one game is ridiculous. That's got to get cleaned up and I'm very interested to see what this team does in the off-season. Reports are that HC Vic Fangio is returning, so that means they have to run it back with Drew Lock, right? Change: -2

They Jets have been in my 32nd spot all year, even after their first win, but they're moving on up! Two in a row for gang green much to the dismay of most of their fans. The definition of too little, too late. Change: +3

They put up a heck of a fight in Kansas City, but they don't play 60 minutes and this team cannot close for their life. They've lost four straight and I wouldn't trust them as far as Matt Ryan's noodle arm can throw em'. Change: -3

This is a JV team. They looked completely lifeless vs. the Bucs on Saturday. Will they hit the full reset this off-season and deal Matthew Stafford? Change: -1

They've secured the #1 pick in the draft and despite being last on the rankings this week, their arrow is pointed up long-term. Change: -1

We'll do one more of these next week after Week 17 to finish out the Power Cheahkings for the season, so stay tuned for that. And be sure to check out the NEW episode of the Going Deep Podcast where we preview the Week 17 action and discuss Dwayne Haskins Jr.'s downfall and the recent success of 1st round QBs. Available wherever you listen to pods: Apple Podcasts, Spotify