NFL Power Cheahkings - Week 16 Edition

The road to the Super Bowl goes through Kansas City, and that's bad news for literally every team in the AFC. Change: n/a

This team is tough and is a legit threat to the Chiefs, whose run game is a question going into the post-season. Change: n/a

They have the head-to-head tiebreaker with the Saints and it's looking like they'll be at home all January. Will be tough sledding for any NFC team. Change: n/a

Did they rush Drew Brees back too early or was it good to get the rust off before their playoff run? Change: n/a

This team surprisingly is the only potential playoff team with an above .500 record and a negative point differential. I understand they got blown out twice, but that is a concerning stat. Change: +5

Ryan Tannehill's stats being on par with Patrick Mahomes the last year and a half is one of the more surprising things I've seen recently. OC Arthur Smith will be a hot commodity in a few weeks. Change: +2

This team is peaking at the right time. They'll be a dangerous team assuming they get into the dance. Change: +4

This is a tough, hard nosed team. Will they hand the Steelers their fourth straight loss this weekend? Change: +1

They owe a big thank you to the Jets as they're back in the driver seat in the NFC West. But it won't be written in stone as they square off with the #10 team on Sunday. Change: +1

Huge loss to a pathetic Jets squad. But better get it out of the way now than in January. This team can run hot and cold. Change: -5

Not an overly impressive win vs. Atlanta, but they showed their potential in the 2nd half. Can they stop starting so slow? Change: +1

Big divisional win over a grind it out Pats team. This team has forced a turnover in 20 straight games which is a winning recipe. Change: +2

Three losses in a row and it's going downhill quickly for the previously 11 win Steelers team. They've got the Colts and Browns to finish the year too…Change: -7

Gutty win over a suddenly spry Eagles team. This team could surprise in January. Change: +1

They're in the hunt in mid-December and don't look now, but Mitchell Trubisky is playing good football. Change: +4

Dwayne Haskins is putting this entire team in jeopardy when they have a one game lead atop the division. They're a tough team, but that's a big misstep. Change: -3

Two straight losses has this team sliding. Looking back at their 5-1 streak, they really only beat the Packers and a bunch of bad teams. Change: -1

Two straight wins over the Raiders and Falcons with good games out of Justin Herbert has this team pointed up. But will they win too much to get out of reach for a top Offensive Tackle? Change: +6

Nobody played Kansas City better all year than the Raiders, unfortunately it looks like they won't get to play them again. Change: +1

Jalen Hurts looks great, so Carson Wentz is gone, right? Unfortunately it's too little too late in the city of brotherly love. Change: -3

It's not X's and O's, it's Willie's and Joe's and this saying goes perfectly for this Patriots squad who have the best coach in the game but can't overcome their personnel deficiencies. Change: +2

Teddy Bridgewater covers spreads for a living. Nice job making a game out of it in Green Bay last week and covering +5.5, but they need to finish better. Change: +3

Speaking of needing to finish better, Houston loses to the Colts for the second time in three weeks going in for a tying or go-ahead score. Change: +3

The Cowboys all of a sudden have a little bit of life and have looked much better with Andy Dalton recently. Remember Ben DiNucci? Change: +3

This team plays very hard, but Colt McCoy ain't getting it done at QB and Daniel Jones isn't healthy. The trick plays also didn't look particularly good under the lights on Sunday night either. Change: -7

The Broncos got their doors blown off by the #2 ranked Bills and still have an explosive offense, but it's trick or treat with Drew Lock. Change: -5

This team just loves to blow leads. 17-0 after the 1st half and up 24-7 in the 3rd quarter and couldn't close the deal. I love Raheem Morris, but they need a full reset. Change: +1

The revolving door at QB with Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard scares zero Defensive Coordinators. They've got some big salary cap questions to address this off-season, so I can't even confidently say they'll be back. Change: -6

Great win playing spoiler to the Steelers long shot #1 seed hopes. That Pittsburgh defense made Ryan Finley look like Cam Newton. Change: +1

Matthew Stafford battles. We need to get him in a new uniform next season because he's a delight to watch. Detroit just stinks out loud. Change: -1

I still think the Jags are better than the Jets and give teams better games than them even if they could only muster up two scores vs. the Ravens. Change: n/a

They beat the Rams! But they're still the worst team in the league. Change: n/a

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