The Bears Are So Much Better With Mitch

Bears beat the Vikings yesterday behind the 3rd straight 30-point performance from the offense. It's the first time since 2013 a Bears team has done that. And if they do it next weekend against the Jags, it'll be the first time ever (I think). Either way there's no denying how much better the offense looks with Mitch. As we get into the post-game podcast, it's a completely different Bears team. Everyone can feel it, but having the data to help is nice. 

Obviously it goes way deeper than Mitch at the helm. The offensive line looks magnificent. Cody Whitehair at guard is a much bigger problem than center. We've got consistency on the right side. Just look at this unit work:

Monty needs 25 touches a game and I'm not crazy for saying it. He's like a mix between a bowling ball and a tank and you can tell the dude is HUNGRY. You see this offense come together and it makes you wonder if this should be the baseline expectation. Maybe all that nonsense a few months ago really is just that: nonsense. 

Deep down we still need an AZ Cardinals loss for the playoffs. The 49ers and Rams remain and I'd say it's not impossible. Kyle Shanahan and McVey can dial it up with the best of them. Maybe stop at Church and say a few rosaries while you're at it just to help though.  

On our end we have the Jags and the Packers nursing a 1-seed. The Jags have every reason in the universe to mail it in next weekend after a Jets loss. That was not true at the time we recorded the podcast so before I Chris Meyers this, I'm just stating facts. There's big motivation for the Jags to throw up an egg. 

End of the day it just feels good to be going into Christmas with a ton of momentum on the table. Like you honestly don't want to play this Bears team right now I'm not joking. They're dangerous enough to make a run and I'm willing to let me emotions get destroyed on that take. 

Let's go Mitch.

Let's go Bears.