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NFL Power Cheahkings - Week 14 Edition

We're 13 weeks in and the defending champs look like they're destined to repeat. Change: n/a

Even with the loss to Washington, they're still currently the #1 seed in the AFC. But a big test looms on Sunday night in Buffalo. Change: n/a

If Taysom Hill can pass the ball like he did vs. the Falcons, there is no reason we'd need to see Drew Brees again. Change: n/a

Despite their injuries, the 49ers are a tough team that will fight you and the Bills kicked their teeth in. Should be an interesting showdown vs. the Steelers on Sunday night. Change: +1

The Packers are playing some good football and look to be a top contender for the NFC. Can they catch the Saints for the bye? They have the tiebreaker via head-to-head. Change: +1

It's time to start taking the Browns seriously. The spanked the Titans who are a very good team in their own right. They have a big test on Monday night vs. Baltimore who beat them 38-6 in Week 1. Change: +2

We've got a new leader in the NFC West, which is probably the best division in football. Change: +2

It was a hard fought game, but they prevailed against the rival Texans. They're a good team but have a big rest this week with the Raiders. Change: +2

It's tough putting them below the Colts but the Browns game was a huge misstep and I trust the Colts defense more. Change: -5

Nobody saw the Giants loss coming, but I'd expect them to rebound against the other New York team in the Jamal Adams revenge game. Change: -3

I may be in the minority, but I'm not a big believer in the Tua-led Dolphins. They've won seven of eight and have a huge test this week vs. the defending champs. Change: n/a

The Bucs are coming off a much needed bye. They'll need a more balanced attack to survive now that it's no longer apple picking season. But I expect a strong finish to the season. Change: n/a

They've won five of their last six after starting off 1-5 and are now .500. They're squarely in the NFC playoff picture in the new #7 seed and have a huge game for them in Tampa on Sunday. Change: +4

The Cowboys game was a big time get-right game after a hard fought loss in Pittsburgh. They've got a big time measuring stick game vs. Cleveland on Monday night. Change: n/a

The Giants are one of the hottest teams in the league and are winners of four straight. They'll face a big test vs. a talented Cardinals team that's headed in the opposite direction. Change: +3

Speaking of hot teams, ever since Alex Smith took over the whole team has stepped their game up. A huge win in Pittsburgh jumps them up the standings, but the Giants having the head-to-head tiebreaker could prove costly in the long run. Change: +4

Are the Patriots back? Winners of two straight and four of five. They've got a big test on Thursday night in Los Angeles against the Rams. Change: +2

Ever since losing a tight game to the Chiefs, they've gotten blown out by the Falcons and barely skimmed past the Jets. Can they beat the Colts on Sunday to get back in the playoff picture? Change: -3

If the Hail Murray falls incomplete vs. the Bills, this team would be five straight losses. They face a very tough Giants team on Sunday. Change: -6

They had a shot at the end zone to beat the Saints. Still feisty under Raheem Morris. Change: -4

This is a tough team, but the Bills bullied the bully on Monday Night. I'm pump the breaks on bringing George Kittle and Jimmy G back this season. Change: +1

This team is frisky down the stretch. They were one play away from beating a good Colts team. Deshaun Watson needs a better supporting cast. Change: -1

Coming off a bye, this is another frisky team that could play spoiler down the stretch. Change: n/a

The defense is decent and has their moments, but what will the offense look like under Jalen Hurts? He was a 42% completion percentage in his limited duty last week. Is that really an upgrade over Carson Wentz? Change: n/a

They gave the Chiefs a good game, but now can they get their team on the same page? Change: +1

The Lions with a surprising late comeback vs. the Bears makes them undefeated in the post-Matt Patricia era. Change: +3

All the injuries on offense to Dak and the Offensive Line will get the headlines, but the defense is the Cowboys real problem. Change: n/a

This team can't get out of it's own way. They are looking better with Mitch at QB, but they don't do anything particularly well. Change: n/a

After a 45-0 drubbing vs. the Pats on Sunday which included two special teams touchdowns, Anthony Lynn has announced he'll take over coaching Special Teams. Problem solved. Change: -4

They gave Miami a good fight, but without Joe Burrow, this team is going nowhere fast. Change: n/a

They gave Minnesota a scare but couldn't finish the job. Change: n/a

We very nearly had the Jets moving up, but then Dr. Heat decided to dial it up when all they needed to do was tackle the Raiders in bounds. Zero blitz, zero wins. Change: n/a

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