Episode 2 - The Attitude Era with Troopz

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I mean, how much money for you to let Rikishi do this to you?

We briefly talk about that but check out the rest of the episode.

Brandon is back and we debut a new segment, "We Just Made the List." A Top 5 list about anything wrestling related. The first iteration is with our newest hire Troopz, who has a love for the attitude era. The guys go through their Top 5 Raw moments from that era. Along with that, Brandon gets in to all the great wrestling happening right now with all the different companies bringing the heat. We then recap RAW and then answer some listener questions. We also touch on the greatness of Pat Patterson and his impact on modern-day wrestling.

0:00 - 5:45 Starting with some Wrestling Themes

8:25 - 19:26 Wrestling Round-Up

20:01 - 51:58 - We Just Made the List with Troopz

56:29 - 1:08:38 - Monday Night Raw recap

1:08:45 - 1:19:54 - Answering listeners questions

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