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Did The Jets Fire Gregg Williams Because He Had No Idea What He's Doing OR He knew EXACTLY What He Was Doing?

Earlier today, the Jets fired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams aka self-proclaimed "Dr. Heat". Kevin Clancy put on his miserable-Jets-fan tin foil hat earlier today and for GOOD reason. 

Every Jets fan with a brain knows this team needs to go 0-16 and go for Trevor Lawrence. The fact that they almost wona game yesterday is crazy. The Raiders were down by 4 with less than a minute left had to be KILLING all of Jets fans. But luckily for them, the Jets will always Jet and ended up giving up a 46 yard TD pass with 5 seconds left in the game.

While Fran and I were recording The Dime Package today, the news broke about Gregg Williams and we immediately had our own theories:
- He actually thought it was a good idea to all-out-blitz Derek Carr TWICE *especially after the first pass to Nelson Agholor should've been a touchdown. (and thus should be fired).
- He knew he needed to protect the tank and purposely brought the house TWICE *especially after the first pass to Nelson Agholor should've been a touchdown (in order to stay 0-fer)
- He should've let the Raiders score on the series before when they were in the red zone (in order to protect the tank) and he didn't. (and thus should be fired).

Either way… Tanking Existing for Trevor is still full on in New York. 

Full episode of the Dime Package out now: