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Ever Wonder If The Mountain Is Still Getting Asked To Gouge Eyeballs Out In Fan Photo-Ops?

Well if so - BOY OH BOY do we have an episode for you today!

Hafthor Bjornsson (aka The Mountain) joins Clem and I for our first ever joint-interview, and we had an absolutely great time chatting with him! We talked Thrones, being the stronger than every human being on the planet, fans asking for eyeball-gauging photos/calling him a rapist and murder in public, sparring with Conor McGregor, and his newest venture - commentating for Karate Combat!

Look at this shit.....

It's like real life Mortal Kombat! Legit looks like what fighting was represented as in futuristic sci-fi movies. Fucking wild.

Hafthor is gonna be commentating the final three episodes of the season (starting this Sunday) and I'm stoked to watch. 

He couldn't have been a sweeter guy. Real gentle giant as they say.

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Outro Music: 'Age of Machine' - Greta Van Fleet