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Section 10 Podcast Ep. 363: Make Some Moves

The MLB offseason continues to roll on and we continue to wait for the Red Sox to make some kind of moves....literally any. Today we talk if the Red Sox will actually sign Corey Kluber and where our excitement level would be if that happens, what it would take for Chaim to land Blake Snell from Tampa, debate over which Red Sox reporter gets the most scoops, how wild it would be to take a shit during a PED pee test while the guy they hired to watch you pee is standing right there, whether Benny will suck again next year and we have Kayce Smith on to tell us when Benny Boomsauced her after a sideline question, the last time the Red Sox had an unreliable fielder in center being ages ago, Christian Koss being ready to have his number retired in Boston after coming over from Colorado, Plewecki deserving way more credit for being the batting champ runner-up last season, Bill James posting one of the dumbest tweets of all time, a full breakdown of that Xander Bogaerts 'L' tweet of a girl's ass from years ago, a farewell to Matt Hall and Ryan Weber and much more. Enjoy!