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Is It Ok To Go Couch Shopping When Your Favorite Football Team Is Playing?

On Sunday, Dave was out couch shopping with a super model caliber woman during the Pats three point win over the Cardinals to improve to 5-6. In arguing the point with Big Cat and KFC on The Rundown on Monday, Dave made some salient arguments that are impossible to ignore. But maybe it's me, a 34-year old guy whose sole focus in the sports universe is his NFL team that hasn't seen them make the playoffs since my senior year in college, that has an issue with it. I can never think of having the freedom to choose to watch or not to watch your NFL team play a game and choose to not watch it with your complete attention. I can for sure understand Dave's side, but I wanted to source my guys about it and get their thoughts. So I threw the topic out to Willie and Joey on our latest pod if it's an acceptable move to bail on your NFL's team's game to hang out with a stunningly beautiful woman?

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