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NFL Power Cheahkings - Week 12 Edition

They took the Raiders best shot, absorbed it, and delivered a knockout blow back. Big time win in Las Vegas. Change: n/a

I'll admit I thought it was a trap game vs. Jacksonville who has been playing close games, but the Steelers showed why they're undefeated. Change: n/a

Taysom Hill isn't a good Quarterback, but he can operate an offense. Especially one that's tailored to his strengths. 22 pass attempts with a lot of him using his legs + good defense is a winning formula. Change: +1

They were on a bye and kind of move up by default. Change: +3

Their offense is certainly explosive, but a defense that gave up 34 points in Indy is my chief concern with this squad. Change: -2

This is just a good football team. They beat teams they're supposed to beat and can win on any given Sunday vs. anybody. They're two minutes away from sweeping the Chiefs. Change: +4

Impressive showing on Monday Night adapting without their mainstay at Left Tackle Andrew Whitworth. The defense is also the real deal. Change: +2

Another defense that is legit. I worry about pining your hopes to Philip Rivers though. Change: +6

The weather has forced them into a running team, which is actually what they do best. Change: +4

Big time win to take control of the division. But with the Rams, Cardinals, and punch above their weight 49ers, can they really be a threat to win the #1 seed in the NFC? Change: +2

It's no longer apple picking weather which means it's Derrick Henry season! Change: +4

They played Seattle tough, but they're not fully there yet. Hopefully Kyler Murray's shoulder isn't an issue moving forward. Change: -7

If they're a great team, they win that Monday Night game vs. the Rams. But they're not there yet. They are still struggling with how to properly use Antonio Brown. Because his reps are taking away from Scotty Miller who is a legit field stretcher. Brady is throwing into tighter windows with AB on the team. Change: -6

Lamar Jackson for all his gifts has looked inefficient behind a vastly different line than last year. And now they've got a COVID situation with their top two Runningbacks. Change: -3

Benching your rookie QB who is making his fourth start is certainly an interesting decision. Losing an uninspiring Broncos team may be worse though. Change: -7

It's refreshing to see a team that outpunches their weight class. That's the Giants who move up, even on a bye week. Change: +3

Tough loss to a very good Saints team. Raheem Morris has this team playing better, but they're still not where they need to be. Change: -1

They just shut out an NFL team with a former XFL QB. They are another team who punches way above their weight. Change: +3

One of the NFL's hottest teams may have just cost Big Cat a Chevy Silverado. Really bad loss by Minnesota at home to an uninspiring Dallas team. Change: -1

Da Bears were on a bye and move up anyway. How's Nick Foles butt? Are we ready to move back to Mitch? Is he still hurt? They are stuck in no mans land as a franchise. Change: +3

Drew Lock still doesn't look great, but Vic Fangio sure can scheme up a defense against a rookie QB. Change: +9

They got punched in the mouth by the Browns and while the weather didn't help, Carson Wentz just has to be better for them to have a chance. Change: n/a

Justin Herbert is the best rookie QB we've seen since ? Nice to see them get a much needed win. Change: +3

They were on a bye and got a chance to rest up, but most of their injuries aren't one week deals. Change: n/a

Under Alex Smith they're a little bit dangerous. They're got a good defensive line chock full of former 1st rounders that has elevated their pass defense to #1 in the league. Change: +2

They beat the Patriots with a terrific performance from Deshaun Watson, but they still lack juice. Change: +2

This team is puzzling. Beating Baltimore but then losing to a rudderless Texans team. Change: -10

Andy Dalton looked like we thought he would. And CeeDee Lamb…wow. Change: +3

Dead man walking! Matt Patricia going against P.J. Walker loses 20-0. Ouch. Change: -9

I thought they'd play the Steelers tough and after jumping out to a 3-0 lead, they got steamrolled. Respect to Doug Marrone for at least knowing he'd have to pull out all the stops with a surprise onside kick early. Change: -1

Awful news about Joe Burrow, but if these are truly power rankings, I would not be afraid of this team with Ryan Finley under center. Change: -6

Trevor Lawrence is that much close. Change: n/a

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