We Gotta Believe: No Mo' Robbie Cano But Uncle Stevie May Honor Bobby Bo!

Everything is coming up Cohen! Even "bad" Mets news somehow turns out perfectly for the Mets new owner as Robinson Cano's most recent PED suspension opens up the bottle neck at second base for the 2021 season. The once perennial All-Star second baseman forfeits his season, his position and most importantly, his $24 million paycheck, paving the way for MASSIVE possibilities. Not only will Jeff McNeil get to return to his natural position, but the Mets now free up the money of their second largest contract. 

What does Uncle Stevie plan on doing with that money you may ask? "Spend it on players." This guy is the real deal, pumping money back into his investment and making the team even better than it was before. Kyle and I discuss what that means for players' positions, acquiring new talent and the future of the 38-year-old tumor that still has 2 years and $48 million left on his deal. Oh yeah and we may turn Bobby Bonilla Day from a negative to a positive like only Uncle Stevie can, by paying tribute to the Finesse God.

We also bid farewell to Terry Collins, discuss Noah Syndergaard's progress, pick our 2021 standouts and track the Mets' front office moves. The Mets have become the hot new topic that everyone is talking about and with each new week there's a ton of new news about the crown jewel of the league. We gotta believe that this is our new normal. We are the premiere destination for players and front office talent alike and there's nothing we like more. This can no longer be a seasonal podcast. There's simply too much going on day-to-day and we want to bring it to you week in and week out so strap in folks cause the Mets and We Gotta Believe are in it for the long haul! So make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify to get weekly and emergency episodes and soon as they go live while also joining the discussion on the We Gotta Believe Facebook page for the daily awesome news as soon as it breaks.