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Week 12 Preview: When Will Chaos Strike??

On today's episode:
-Kayce is acting like a cat?
-COVID is cancelling all of the games…. :(
-We debate who gets fired next.
-Brandon brags about being right….again.
-Ben Mintz joins the show.
-Does Indiana have a shot?
-What's the best game in the Big Ten this weekend?
-The most underrated coach in the country? 

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0:00: Intro

7:13: Biggest storyline for the rest of the season?

17:27: Who gets fired next?

26:53: News from around the country

30:01: Stacking Cash (featuring Ben Mintz)
47:34: Kayce and Brandon breakdown all the games this weekend

59:45: We dive into our Facebook group and then see who the Roughnecks think the most underrated coach in the country is.