The Bears Offense Is A Complete Joke

There's really nothing I can say that isn't perfectly captured in the title of this blog or postgame podcast. The Bears offense is a complete joke start to finish minus Allen Robinson. Tonight's game against the Vikings basically sent the box score back in time to the later Dick Jauron years of bad screens on 3rd and long. The kind of offensive ineptitude that can only be achieve in a group setting where everyone commits to being really shitty at their job. That's how bad the Chicago Bears offense is and the unfortunate reality is there's virtually no way to improve the flaws. They're that bad. 

Where the sword swings first this offseason will remain to be seen. There's blame to be had in so many different areas of the organization, starting with the President and making its way to the game planning. There's 6 games left so maybe take a deep breath before we start plotting the next rebuild. Maybe try to enjoy yourself on a Bye Week? At least it's a nice change of pace to want the week off. That's two seasons in a row for those of you keeping score at home. 

Elsewhere I have one more spin zone before you listen to the podcast. Everyone expected the Bears would lose Week 12 in Green Bay. We said at 5-1 going into our last four game stretch that 1-3 would be okay going into the Week 11 Bye because we had the Packers looming. Theory is you go up there at 6-4, you have a game to lose before back-to-back home games against Detroit and Houston respectively. That way you could be 6-5 coming into those very winnable games. That was the city's general consensus on how to navigate the 2nd half of our schedule. 

Well my takeaway is that the Bears can save the season if they bounce back out of a Bye Week and beat the Packers in Green Bay on Sunday night 11/29. Maybe we catch them snoozing after a big Thanksgiving. Maybe Rodgers gets reunited with his family over the holidays and loses a step. Maybe just maybe the Bears get healthy and hot and we show up one time. Crazier things have happened then us winning one road game against a better team so don't call me stupid. Crazy, yes. But I've got enough experience in the tank to hold out a sliver of hope with the Bears at 5-5 in a week-to-week league. If I'm wrong then you guys can tell me Told You So. Until then let's give our boys a rest and regroup later in the week.