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What's Better: Home Alone House Or Fresh Prince House?

We debated BEST HOUSE following our review of 'His House' on Netflix. The big matchup of the 'Home Alone' house and 'Fresh Prince' house popped up. Which one is better?

I would have to pick the 'Home Alone' house, it's a tough call but the right pick for me.

Which house would you select?

The guys also did a review of the horror movie 'His House' on Netflix on the podcast

|| 0:00 - Pee breaks at work
|| 4:33 - Quarterback discussion, good and bad! (Joey Harrington)
|| 11:06 - Queens Gambit and new shows
|| 17:57 - Ad Read #1
|| 19:23 - The Orlandolorian: Episode 2
|| 23:18 - Depp’s replacement for Bad Harry Potter?
|| 32:17 - Another fucking Has Fallen movie?
|| 38:44 - Get Melissa McCarthy better roles
|| 44:10 - Wild Mountain? More like, this shit stinks!
|| 47:38 - Halo TV series back on
|| 1:13:53 - The Bracket 003: Best House

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