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A Goodbye To Alex Trebek, A Trip To An Alpaca Farm, And A Toy Clem

We open up today's Podfathers by bidding adieu to a familiar face to millions of families in Alex Trebek, who was invited into their living rooms every weekday for years. We discuss all of the things that made Trebek so incredibly likable, some of our favorite moments he had on TV, and who (if anybody) can replace him.

Later on, Large talks about his long awaited family trip to an alpaca farm, which led to him discovering a toy version of me, which may be the most bizarre Barstool doppelgangers yet. 

We also #embracedebate a story about a man marrying himself, the unspoken truce about watching porn between married couples, if Large would want to be a vasectomy sherpa, and if it's okay to let your kids ride the bus to school during a pandemic.