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The Two Greatest Athletes Of All-Time Recorded A Podcast Together

On today's episode of 21st and Prime, Deion Sanders and Jamie Dukes were joined by the other guy people always call the greatest athlete of all-time, Bo Jackson. 

The boys and Bo talked about how crazy things got during the height of their careers, what it was like playing two sports professionally. 

Some highlights that give you a better look at their conversations:

“I got my PhD as a kid from running from butt whoopings. Being the 8th of 10 kids, my mother would say ‘catch him, but if you don’t bring him back you gonna take his butt whooping.' They’d run me down and drag me through the neighborhood, kicking and screaming.”

“The talent pool is so deep in sports these days, if anybody tried to do what you and I did, they would be riding the bench in both.”

“The thing that’s ‘Bo Jackson’ is that I don’t consider myself the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m sharp enough to cut you. One thing I do is I surround myself with a bunch of straight edge razors. Period. I surround myself with people that’s smarter than me. People that are looking out for me and not just leeches.”