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Week 8 Recap + Let's Hug it Out, Bitch

Welp. What a week for Unnecessary Roughness, huh?

On this episode, Brandon and I hug it out Ari Gold style, recap the weekend, talk Heisman race and much more. 


I dont know what to say about that. 

Anyway, families fight. See you guys, Thursday! 

(Reminder that we will be dropping Monday's episodes on SUNDAY now!)


0:00: Intro 

4:38: A tattoo of Kayce? 

6:19: An overview of the show 

12:26: Big Ten recap 

51:12: SEC recap 

1:12:47: ACC + G5 recap 

1:16:56: Who is in the Heisman race and who should be 

1:24:16: Hot takes from the Roughnecks 

1:39:10: Who won and lost the weekend? 

1:41:23: SHIT LIST