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Kate Joins The Podfathers To Discuss Being Pregnant With The First Ever Barstool Content Baby (BONUS: She Reveals The Baby's Gender!)

Yes I threw a baby's assumed gender reveal as a bonus in my headline. That's how the #content game works!

Kate and Hard Factor Pat are having a baby! Our favorite member of ZBT joined the pod to give us a breakdown of how that miracle of life occurred in great detail, as only Kate could, along with how everything is going so far. 

Large's wife Saint Anne hopped on as well to help prepare Kate for the next few months and the next few years since Large and I should be nowhere near giving advice to dad-to-be let alone moms-to-be.

Speaking of us two idiots, we also discuss the terrifying realities of being a parent of children during the social media age that The Social Dilemma unveiled along with mailbag questions about being solo with a baby and trying to get kids to behave during holiday pictures.