Killer Bugs And An Interview With The Wolf Of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort

Our latest episode has a little bit of everything, including grab-ass (literally) and tomfoolery. 

I may have said too much, but it is all true. I'll never lie to you, Baby Girls. We also have some very helpful dating tips for you horny young men and women in uniform.

Also, Kate's pregnancy brain is growing more powerful as the days go by. We may not survive.

ROUND 1: The internet made Vice President Mike Pence an honorary Navy pilot after the debate this week. People were calling him Fly Boy. Get it? We aren’t gonna focus on the debate but that winged fucker caused Kate to go down a bit of an insect rabbit hole. 
ROUND 2: A leaked powerpoint slide showed some serious gate guard issues over at Joint Base Lewis McChord. The slide will have you facepalming yourself while also saying “sounds about right!” 
ROUND 3: Dating apps of military guys are notoriously cringe. One reporter is trying to help with some tips. School circle on Sarah Sicard. 

ROUND 4: Jordan Belfort Interview

ROUND 5: Aircraft carriers are cool and all, but have you heard of the Navy’s lil Boomin’ Beaver? It’s not the size of the boat its the motion in the ocean