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Section 10 Podcast Ep. 355: Martin Perez

IT'S FINALLY #PEREZDAY ON SECTION 10! Our guy Martin Perez makes his debut on the show today and we're talking his reaction to #PerezDay taking over Red Sox Twitter, how he got several offers elsewhere but only wanted to be in Boston, how much he thinks being accountable on social media should be a part of a MLB player's job, the weirdness of pitching in Fenway with no fans this season, how he stayed focused regardless of how the team was doing, his closest friends on the Sox, advice he got from Chris Sale at the start of the season, his favorite pitchers when he was growing up, a funny story about Christian Vazquez, still needing to experience what the city of Boston has to offer after the pandemic ends, loving the mic'd up life, hating the Yankees, and a potential side job he could have in the dugout if he's back with the Red Sox next season. After the Perez interview we talk Yankee fans continuing to just not get it, Mookie already having way more fun in LA than he did in Boston, and why Aaron Judge acts like he's accomplished something big in his career so far when he simply hasn't. That and much more. Enjoy!