The Podmothers Rise Up While Snow Days At School May Disappear Forever

That gif is one of the most preposterous things I've ever done here at Barstool, which is saying something since I am a goddamn moron 

Me and the Largefella kick off this week's pod by discussing Queen Bee Podmother Erika Nardini continuing her quest to take over the sports entertainment world by becoming a member of the WWE Board of Directors as well as Kate becoming the first confirmed sex-having female of the Barstool content team (sorry Call Her Daddy fans but the proof is in the pudding). Here is Kate's Must Read blog announcing her pregnancy on Monday.

We then get into the stories of the week including coronavirus potentially killing snow days, parents that have to teach their kids, and the vision of countless children flooding their eyeballs with screentime before Large wraps things up with a bedtime story reminding parents to never lose their dinosaur.