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CFB Week 5 Recap: PAIN


It's no surprise that both Brandon and I had a shitty weekend of college football. Like... really shitty. We get into all that, the headlines from the weekend, who won/lost and go through your hot takes. 

We also answer Brandon's 12 questions. 

AND go a little throw back... 

See you Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

2:30: Brandon Walker discusses what it feels like to lose to Arkansas. 

13:20: Pretenders exposed throughout the country 

26:47: Messages sent to Brandon Walker from the great state of Arkansas! 

34:40: Kayce vents about A&M 

39:05: Brandon's 12 questions 

1:03:23: Who won the weekend? 

1:07:31: Who lost the weekend? 

1:12:06: Hot takes from the Roughnecks! 

1:32:03: SHIT LIST!