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We're running back the Bears postgame pod this season and this week is our first coming off a loss. Obviously that fucking blows but at the same time everyone needs a little bit of therapy now and again. This week is no different with the Indianapolis Colts slapping the absolute shit out of the Chicago Bears for every second of the game. 

Other topics include: 

- What makes a Great Tasting Less Filling Miller Lite the perfect Sunday football beer? 

- Arguably the most forgettable football game since the John Fox year 2 and that's being extremely nice. 

- WSD rolled from a bachelor party into the game and it's probably the worst performance you could ask for coming out of a bachelor party. No fireworks. No big plays. No sex or sizzle. From a hangover standpoint this one was tough to stomach. Shoutout to anyone that had to endure this loss under such circumstances. 

- I know I'm a Mitch Meatball but Nick Foles hung 11 points in his debut. ELEVEN. Sit on that for a second while you tell me just how much Mitch sucks. I understand the Colts are better than the Falcons, Giants and Lions. But the Colts have also had a buffet of cupcakes with the Jets Jags and Vikings. We're not talking about high powered anything here, so don't tell me your pre-game expectations were eleven fucking points. No excuses for 11 points. 

- For better or worse, we have a game in less than 3.5 days. We don't know how you get ready in such a short window and maybe that's a good thing. Maybe you just bury this one as quickly as you can and move on. Or maybe you get steamrolled this week because Tom Brady looks like a golden fucking god right now. Either way you'll have to tune in Thursday night to find out. 

- 3-1 through your first 4 aint too shabby regardless of how shitty they've looked. End of the day we'll be on the playoff graphic and that's all you can ask coming into this season. 

- Eddie is in NYC/Philly this week. The rest of Barstool Chicago is joining him for the Bucs game Thursday Night for a live stream. Looking for our first Bears win with one of us on a live stream. Currently looking at 0-3 with some really bad losses. Maybe it's even worse. I don't think I can stomach any of the research so just take me at face value. 

- Go Bears: